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What is ELYSIS?

What is ELYSIS?

ELYSIS is a Canadian enterprise delivering a disruptive technology for the aluminium smelting industry generating oxygen as a by-product.

Headquartered in Montréal, ELYSIS is heralding the start of a new era for the global aluminium industry. Our name refers to the process at the center of our industry, the electrolysis of alumina. It’s a tribute to our history and suggesting a fundamental change at the same time.

The ELYSIS™ technology eliminates all direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the aluminium smelting process and is the first technology ever that emits oxygen as its by-product.


Unprecedented partnership

An unprecedented world-class partnership of two major aluminium industry pioneers - Alcoa and Rio Tinto - led to the formation of ELYSIS. For the first time in history, the two competing multinational industry giants have joined forces and combined their strength to advance this significant R&D discovery and work together to scale it up and commercialize it.

The world’s technology giant Apple has helped facilitate the collaboration between Alcoa and Rio Tinto and, in addition to investing $13 million (CAD), has agreed to provide ELYSIS with technical support.

The Canadian Government and the Quebec Government, through participation of Investissement Quebec, have also decided to support and be part of this industry revolution, each investing $80 million (CAD) in ELYSIS.


Carbon-free smelting

Aluminium has always been the leading choice for sustainable product development due to its light-weight, strength and infinite recyclability. 

Tighter legislation around emissions will push producers and manufacturers worldwide to focus on decarbonizing their supply chain and processes. ELYSIS™ technology takes the miracle metal’s sustainable advantage to a new level. It provides a unique solution for drastic reductions in the carbon footprint of many products used in our daily lives, including transportation, construction, electrical and consumer goods industries.

If the ELYSIS™ technology is adopted only in Canada, it has the potential to reduce the annual GHG emissions by approximately 7 million metric tons, which is an equivalent of removing 1.8 million cars from the road


Increased productivity

In addition to environmental benefits of carbon-free aluminium smelting process, the use of ELYSIS™ technology improves occupational health and safety, reduces capital intensity and operational costs while increasing productivity and eliminates the potential exposure to carbon pricing mechanisms. It is intended to transform the global aluminium industry, both for retrofitting existing smelters and for new installations.

ELYSIS’ team is currently working to refine the technology, aiming to have the technology commercially demonstrated in 2024. Until then, ELYSIS will continue to share its progress on development and deployment of the ELYSIS™ technology to enable the global aluminium industry to take this new path towards a sustainable future.

In summary, the ELYSIS™ technology will eliminate all CO2 emissions and replace them with oxygen, bringing improvements in occupational health and safety, reduce capital intensity and operating cost while increasing the smelter productivity